[NTG-context] Is there a mathematica typesetting manual for ConTeXt ?

Mikael Persson mickep at gmail.com
Thu May 12 21:43:12 CEST 2005

On 5/12/05, redox <jfxiao at sibs.ac.cn> wrote:
> hi all,
> I am a newbie of ConTeXt, i'm sorry if my question is foolish.
> I have two questions:
> 1.
> Is there a mathematica typesetting manual for ConTeXt ? There seems no
> ConTeXt manual focused on mathematica. Or I just need to find a
> mathematica manual for LaTeX ?

What do you mean by mathematica typesetting? I am sometimes using the
Mathematica math fonts. I also wrote somekind of macro that try to
immitate Mathematica notebooks, a shot is given at


The files for the fonts (the fonts are freely available) can I share
without problems, but the macros for the book I can not share (yet at

If this did not help in any way, please ask again.

/Micke P

> 2.
> I'm running TeTeX 2.0.2 on Debian Sarge, and the version of texexec is
> 3.1 which I think is out of date, so i tried to update ConTeXt.
> I downloaded www.pragma-ade.com/context/latest/cont-tmf.zip , and
> unziped it to /usr/local/share/texmf/, then I ran "mktexlsr" and
> "texexec --make --all".
> But when i ran "texexec --version", the version was still 3.1. It seemed
> that the texexec wasn't updated.
> Thanks in advance!!
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