[NTG-context] Context, LaTeX, or an XML for academic writing?

Henning Hraban Ramm hraban at fiee.net
Wed May 11 08:52:42 CEST 2005

Am 11.05.2005 um 01:52 schrieb CB:
> Since posting I've thought a bit more about why I wanted RTF, and 
> realised it wouldn't do what I wanted anyway. The 'inter-operation 
> with Word users' I was referring to is primarily this: it's common 
> amongst academics I know here in Australia to use some of the 
> collaboration features of Word (marginal comments and revision 
> control, particularly). RTF wouldn't actually help with those anyway. 
> So there's really no way around this without using Word, which I will 
> only do at gunpoint.

If you and your collaborators have Acrobat (full) or Jaws PDF Editor 
you could at least use the comment features of PDF and perhaps the 
workflow possibilities of Acrobat 6+.

Grüßlis vom Hraban!

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