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Wed May 11 01:46:39 CEST 2005


where do I find info for "interlinear texts" with ContexT; I have typeset
a book with LateX, and wonder if ConteXt would give me an advantage ?

Any help appreciated.

Eckhart Diestel

> Dear gang,
> I just got home, installed the pdfetex binary from xemtex and, presto!
> problem  solved:-)))
> Thank you everyone for coming to my rescue in my latest crisis,
> especially  Hartmut and Taco for pointing me in the right direction;-)
> and thank you  Ulrich, Fabrice and Hans.
> It's interesting that this issue in my work came up the same day that
> Fabrice  set up the stuff on the xemtex site. My (very agnostic/atheist)
> logic  professor*** from grad school would call this "almost a proof for
> the  existence of God";-)
> Best to all and THNX!!
> Idris
> ***John Corcoran, an associate/editor of Tarski and one of the world's
> very  top logicians
>>> The latest mswincontext.zip has an older pdfetex, 1.20; this seems to
>>> be the problem. I will get the XemTeX version and test it when I get
>>> home this evening.
>>that version should kern as expected
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