[NTG-context] font encodings

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu May 5 13:00:00 CEST 2005

Thomas A.Schmitz wrote:

> I want to use a custom font encoding (in my case, enco-agr for ancient 
> Greek). I can't set it up for the entire document because it breaks, 
> e.g., the output of accented letters. But when I try to use it for 
> certain parts of the document only, it will insert a line break whenever 
> it is used. So my question: is it possible to switch font encoding in 
> mid-paragraph?

no problem, since font encodings are bound to fonts, not paragraphs; however, 
you need to keep in mind that hyphenation is related to the font encoding as 
well as the language; when a paragraph is converted to a list, it's known what 
font is used and the character codes are resolved (i.e. when mixing two font 
encodings \"e may have resulted in a reference to slot 123 in fontA and slot 231 
in fontB which then may give funny hyphenation problems; so, when one language 
is chose, you may end up with greek hyphenated in for instance the german way 
when slots match those in the hyphenation patterns);

taco may shed more light on what exactly happens when mixing languages paragraphs


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