[NTG-context] install help

h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Apr 30 18:35:21 CEST 2005

Skip Collins wrote:

> Sorry for rambling. I guess this goes with the territory when living
> on the bleeding edge. As you can see, I am in need of some basic
> guidance for getting a newish context working properly. I have spent
> some time looking for step-by-step instructions, but all I get is more
> confused. The contextgarden wiki could be updated with more complete
> instructions. I would be happy to help with this if I could only
> figure out the correct recipe.

if you download the latest alpha release, the engine subpath stuff should work; 
if not, run:

ctxtools --make --all        (ruby script)

and process your document with:

texexec --pdf yourfile.tex   (perl script)

there is also a rather up to date minimal context for linux on the website


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