[NTG-context] install help

Skip Collins skip.collins at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 18:13:58 CEST 2005

I am a tex/latex veteran user who would like to start using context to
test the waters on  some small projects. I have a lightly enhanced
texlive 2004 full installation on my fedora linux box. So I already
have a version of context installed. But since I noticed some problems
with mathml output, I thought it might be a good idea to get the
latest and greatest from pragma. This is where things got confusing.
Are there simple instructions somewhere for upgrading context for
texlive in a minimally invasive way? The installation guide at
http://www.pragma-ade.com/general/manuals/minstall.pdf does not seem
to capture all the necessary steps for getting things working right
with new versions. The sparse instructions at
http://contextgarden.net/Linux_Installation leave me with a
non-functioning context and a corrupted /usr/TeX/texmf tree. Am I
missing something? I downloaded cont-tmf.zip (which should I choose?
current? beta? alpha?) and installed it in ~/texmf. But I ran into
problems with latin modern font names (ec vs. cork). So I installed
the latest lm font distribution in ~/texmf (lots of manual labor).
Then I found that texexec could not find my formats and kept trying to
rebuild cont-en.fmt (using 2005-04-28 alpha). When I run texexec as
root, this problem does not occur(!?). Checking the mailing lists, it
looks like I need to patch texexec. What is the right way to do this?
Currently, I am invoking scripts installed in the texlive bin
directory. I have not replaced them with the updated versions in the
alpha distribution. Do I need to do something like texmfstart --make
and manually move each and every script?

Sorry for rambling. I guess this goes with the territory when living
on the bleeding edge. As you can see, I am in need of some basic
guidance for getting a newish context working properly. I have spent
some time looking for step-by-step instructions, but all I get is more
confused. The contextgarden wiki could be updated with more complete
instructions. I would be happy to help with this if I could only
figure out the correct recipe.

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