[NTG-context] XYpic

luigi.scarso luigi.scarso at logosrl.it
Thu Apr 28 10:01:12 CEST 2005

Vit Zyka wrote:

> before I started to use context I had prepared some diagrams in xypic. 

Me too, for some notes on a course  on commutative algebra when I was 
student at university.

> It was the only way I knew for creating vector graphics for both tex 
> and pdftex with text and graphics interaction possibility.
I try xfig with poor results.

> For that experience I strongly discourage for using it with context:
> 1) Xypic has the most obscure syntax I have ever seen.

After writing some commutative algebra exercises, xy code is not so 
obscure :)

> 2) Nobody knows if there are not some name-space problems 
> (redefinitions).

Big problem not only with xypic.
(after grep-ing xp package and context base I found some possibles names 
in  core-pos.tex,page-lyr.tex,xtag-ini.tex)

> 3) Metapost is naturaly incorporated to context, strongly supported, 
> higher possibilities and (my opinion) much more intuitive.
Yes, I love metafun.
But a mp graphic must be preprocessed by mpost for inclusion, and I can 
do it only
if I can execute sysytems commands; this open a security and performance 

"Can I typeset a framedbox with a rulestyle WITHOUT using MetaPost ?"
I have posted an idea with XYPic; but \leaders can be used too.

> So I think that such a contextgarden xypic page would be only confusing.
ok, I follow your suggestion.

> P.S. If you are still interesting google for xypic manual.



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