[NTG-context] Right way to load hyphenation patterns

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Apr 27 23:16:08 CEST 2005

Ville Voipio wrote:
> I want to use a non-standard hyphenation pattern (Finnish)
> in some of my documents. I have been able to make it work
> by:
>   editing cont-usr.tex (removing a % from the \installlanguage)
>   remaking formats (texexec --make)
>   copying the format wile to the .../web2c directory
> This works. However, I read in the Wiki that "It is generally 
> better to add local settings to a run-time included file like 
> cont-sys.tex instead, so unless your stuff does absolutely 
> have to become part of the format file, you are better off 
> leaving this file well alone."
> So, where should I put the \installlanguage directive for
> it to be in the right place? Is it something that really has
> to be there when the formats are being built, or could it
> be loaded afterwards (i.e. at run-time)? Could it be put in
> the cont-sys.tex?

texexec --make --all

will add all patterns

also, you can download a zip with patterns from our website (since you can never 
be sure what is on your system)


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