[NTG-context] gwTeX and missing PS fonts

Ville Voipio ville.voipio at kpatents.com
Tue Apr 26 17:38:38 CEST 2005

I had a smoothly working gwTeX with the exception of a few hyphenation 
patterns. Before debugging that problem any further, I decided to get 
the newest beta (texexec 5.3.1, context 2005.04.19).

I got the hyphenation problem fixed. It had nothing to do with the 
distribution or version, just my lack of thinking. Editing cont-usr.tex 
and then 'texexec --make --all', and ConTeXt was hyphenating Finnish 

However, something else broke when I upgraded. I cannot get the 
Postscript fonts working anymore. Here is what I have in the file:


Everything goes relatively smoothly, except for the fact that I get 
everything typeset in Computer Modern. A small error message is in the 

    bodyfont : unknown variant pos

What went wrong? I cannot find the file font-pos.tex on my machine, but 
as I cannot find it in the source tree, either, it seems to have been 
embedded somewhere.

How should I debug this problem? Where is the actual definition for "pos"?

- Ville

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