[NTG-context] storm font

Vit Zyka vit.zyka at seznam.cz
Wed Apr 20 17:59:37 CEST 2005

Hi fonTeXters,

I have incorporated your suggestions to storm-font-support:

A) ---------------
Adam Lindsay wrote:
 > Okay, I noticed a second thing, in the [serif][cond][size] and other
 > [size] typescripts: you define things like \tfc with the intention of
 > "typeface-condensed". This will interfere with people who rely on the

and Hans Hagen wrote:
> when i have to deal with that i just define another typeface:
> \definetypeface[blabla-normal]    ...
> \definetypeface[blabla-condensed] ...

I split Lido font to
1) Lido
2) Lido-Condensed

B) ----------------
Adam Lindsay wrote:
 > A general suggestion--you might experiment with the [special]
 > typescripts in type-spe as a way of loading the mathcollections.

Incorporated, so \input t-math-sto.tex \usemathcollection[storm]
is no more needed; just e.g.

C) --------------------
Hans Hagen wrote:
 > Taco Hoekwater wrote:
 >> Patrick, my vote is against a separate interface for this. Perhaps
 >> split the stuff at modules.cg.net into modules/fonts/docs/packages
 >> subtrees, but I really like the 'central repository' idea.
 > the only thing about user typescripts and modules is that we need to
 > make sure that names don't clash; so for instance, a user typescript
 > can be something
 > t-type-xxx.txx

OK, I changed all typescripts in this way. But still there are some 
files that do not fit this concept:
a) redistributed files (storm.map, slido.map, stormex.enc)
b) enco-*.tex files since \useencodings has not enabled loading 
t-enco-*.tex yet (something like \useencoding[t][st1]).

D) -----------------------
Adam Lindsay wrote:
 > it could be a way of supporting an encoding like TS1, if people really
 > still cared about that.

TS1 is texnansi??? Why ec (=st1) is not sufficient? You can setup 
regime... If you persuade me I will prepare some enco-st4.tex(??) = 
texnansi for storm fonts.

Patrick Gundlach wrote:
 > If you think of a clever way, please tell me where/how to put your
 > typescripts + .. on garden. I could even add a new section:
 > fonts.contextgarden.net if this sounds appropriate for collecting
 > stuff like yours.

I think it is a good idea. So please... After that I will write some 
words or two about the package and upload you the files. Is it OK?

G) -------------------------
Examples of mathbold (where bold font is available) were added to the 

F) -------------------------
Some bug fixes namely in t-type-slido.tex and t-type-sbiblon.tex.

Upgraded version is available from


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