[NTG-context] new beta

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Apr 14 21:32:59 CEST 2005

Johan Sandblom wrote:

> Comparing the two, the debian testing distribution has never been less
> than stable while gentoo testing is updated faster, but has given me trouble 
> at some points.
> Sorry for the noise if this is inappropriate information for this list,

no problem; here i have been using suse for years; i am considering gentoo, but 
i'm not sure about it yet; suse only ships stable releases which is why updating 
  pieces of the system is tricky; the problem is (as always) in the gui part; 
somehow the interfaces to the libs change (too) often.

(one of the reasons for choosing suse is that it is very well equiped for 
european situations (modems, adsl, etc) and shipped with state of the art 
journaling filesystems like reiser as well as raid support; that time our 
webserver came with redhat ... well, that was a real pain, esp secutity updating 
     (unless one paid); suse's updating is automatic and ok)


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