[NTG-context] Re: page on context and XML has moved

Maurice Diamantini Maurice.Diamantini at ensta.fr
Mon Apr 4 09:26:57 CEST 2005

Le 3 avr. 05, à 21:36, h h extern a écrit :

>> You could maintain a micro-page on the wiki which just allows
>> users to find your great document. The aim is for anybody to easely 
>> find
>> your document from the wiki.
>> The problem is to not forgot to update the wiki if you change the
>> location of your main page!
> this makes much sense, something like a summary + pointers

Perhaps, better than creating some bilion of pages with almost
nothing in it, wouldn't it be better to add the link in an existing
relating page?

I think : http://contextgarden.net/Layout

Also, the problem of maintaining "life" links is quite real.
In that above page, the link
"XML ConTeXt site"... doesnt seem to point anywere!?

-- Maurice Diamantini

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