[NTG-context] My ConTeXt cannot use Type1 fonts...

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Thu Mar 31 19:23:20 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I am a Chinese beginner of ConTeXt.
Recently I installed the latest stable version of ConTeXt under MiKTeX 
To use Chinese characters in ConTeXt, I installed some Chinese Type1 fonts 
and related map/enc files.
However, I found "texexec --pdf foo.tex" cannot read Type1 Chinese fonts.
In this case, ConTeXt uses pk fonts (generated from ttf fonts), and finally 
I got pdf files with very low quality.
As a comparison, "texexec foo.tex" + dvipdfm (or dvips+ps2pdf) works well 
to produce good pdf files.

As we know, now pdftex.cfg cannot be used to load font map files.
So I added the map file of Chinese Type1 fonts into 
miktex\config\updmap.cfg and run initexmf --mkmaps to insert the fonts to 
This works well for pdftex, but doesn't work for ConTeXt.
I don't know why and cannot go further.

Can any one offer some help to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

best regards,

Shujun Li

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