[NTG-context] How to check the version ConTEXt that is installed on my system?

Tobias Burnus burnus at gmx.de
Thu Mar 31 13:29:42 CEST 2005


R S Ananda Murthy wrote:
> Please tell me how to check the version of ConTEXt that is installed 
> on my system. I am running Slackware 10.1.
Run  kpsewhich context.tex  and look in that file for \def\contextversion.

Or, run ConTeXt and look at one of the first lines it spits out. It 
should look somewhat like

   ConTeXt  ver: 2005.01.06  fmt: 2005.1.8  int: english  mes: english

The first number is the \contextversion, the second is when you dumped 
the format. The second day shall never be older than the first.


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