[NTG-context] my new page on layout

Paul Tremblay phthenry at iglou.com
Sun Mar 27 08:55:58 CEST 2005

> Your prose is fairly clear, but the style tends to be a bit too
> prescriptive for my tastes. I think a lot of it would be alleviated by
> you setting up the context a bit more ("this is what I found works for
> me, coming from the FO page model"). Still, you set out statements like
> this without telling the whole story:

I think that the first page makes my intentions clear. My audience is
XML authors (though I think others will find the illustratons useful).
I undertand that there are many ways of doing things in ConTeXt and I
don't mean that ConTeXt authors should follow the advice. I think XML
authors will want one clear way of doing things rather than confusing
> Looking at page-lay, it seems like your perceived "complications" would
> go away to some extent by telling people to use "width=middle", for example.

Fixed. The page now reflects the correct changes.

Thanks for yoru feedback. I wish I had understood the width=middle
earlier. I had to completely re-do my graphics once when I couldn't get
cutspace to work, and then I had to change it again.



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