[NTG-context] Font encoding: \uppercased

Vit Zyka vit.zyka at seznam.cz
Sat Mar 26 20:35:25 CET 2005

David Wooten wrote:
> Greetings all,
> Taco mentioned the command \uppercased{to get all uppercase letters}, 
> and it works just fine…until I try to use my self-installed fonts. The 
> quirks come up with diacritics, and this leads me to believe that there 
> is an [encoding] or [regime]/ /issue here, as I had similar issues 

Yes, \uccode and \lccode are encoding-dependent and are defined in 
enco-*.tex files. So, look into the encoding file you are using and add 
the their definition between
     \definecasemap 152 184 152
with meaning: character 152 has lower counterpart 184 and upper one 152 
(152 is uppercase letter).

(or for continuous sequence there is abbreviation
   \definecasemaps 160 to 188 lc +32 uc 0
  with meaning:
   \definecasemap 160 182 160
   \definecasemap 161 183 161
   \definecasemap 188 220 188


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