[NTG-context] extra_mem_bot.context

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Sat Mar 26 18:37:17 CET 2005

ishamid said this at Sat, 26 Mar 2005 09:04:30 -0700:

>Dear musketeers,
>This is a note for aleph users. In _both_ texmf.cnf files that come with the 
>full ConTeXt distribution, you must comment the line
>%extra_mem_bot.context    =      4000000 
>[\texmf\web2c, line 503]
>%extra_mem_bot.context    = 2000000
>[\texmf-local\web2c, line140]
>otherwise aleph will crash upon over/underfull 
>This has actually been noted before; I don't know/remember if a solution was 
>ever found.

Now that's interesting.

That same bug was plaguing XeTeX versions through 0.88. Jonathan Kew
tracked it down and quashed it. It's a little surprising that the same
thing appeared in e-Omega, as well. Perhaps Jonathan can help you track
it down. (And perhaps kill the bug at a common source?)
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