[NTG-context] Translations of "Context: an excursion"

Maurice Diamantini Maurice.Diamantini at ensta.fr
Thu Mar 24 08:07:50 CET 2005

Le 23 mars 05, à 08:56, Hans Hagen a écrit :

> indeed, btw, it will be an interesting challenge to keep translations 
> in sync

To keep several translations in sync, it should be one and only one 
reference (english (or french? ;-) )
The worst thing would be if some chapter (e.g. using the standard 
package) were in advance in one translation over some other chapter
("using the standard bib package" or "the prefered TABLE package",
or "context 2 html translation", ...)

Also probably, it would be better to have some uptodate doc witch were
only partialy translated, than having a full but outdated french doc.

Another (long term) remarks/questions:

I think the "Context: an excursion" is the better context doc out there
(seems more practicle for begining than the reference book, for now)
But will be this true in the future ?
- what will contains the future book already mentioned here?
- when could it be expected?
- will the Context reference manuel be updated?
- which context doc will exists 3 years later?
      - one (or more?) commercial english context book
      - one multitranslation "excursion" free books
      - numerous, very specialised "myWay" documents
      - if the current "reference manual" book is not to be upgrade
        then the "Context: an excursion" will be that.
      - a automatic generate reference documentation, based on
        the context tex code??

Translating such a documentation is a great (and eavy) job,
but it can't be done without some stategic considerations.

-- Maurice

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