[NTG-context] how to place figures next to each other

Peter peter at orgelvlaardingen.nl
Mon Mar 21 23:26:42 CET 2005

Matthias Weber wrote:
> The best I can get is
> \starttext
> \useexternalfigure[myfigure][filename][width=1in]
> \placetable[here][tab:2figures]{none}
 > [...]

Thanks for the try. I've also tried columns. But the floating mechanism 
and columns/tables doesn't cooperate very well...

Maybe there is a way to increment the figure counter by hand? And to add 
a label for the added figurenumber? Then I can make the 
[2*1]-combination appear as two independent figures.

the only problem then is the caption of the combination. I don't want 
that caption, and I don't want the space that is occupied by that caption.


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