[NTG-context] Re: Layout stuff

h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Mar 21 01:30:53 CET 2005

Paul Tremblay wrote:
>>There is, of course, \parshape. And I know that Hans does a lot of
>>paragraph trickery (see for example coloumns).
> If you can get pages with different widths to work, please let me know!
> Like I said, I posted the problematic code in the wiki. It would be
> great to get this to work.

for controlled situations it's doable by setting the parshape

so, for novels you can use:

\startsetups [grid] [*default]








   {\scratchtoks \emptytoks
      \parshape \scratchcounter \the\scratchtoks \relax \ignorespaces

      {\appendetoks 0cm \namedlayoutparameter{#1}{width} \to\scratchtoks}%
         {\appendetoks 0cm \namedlayoutparameter{#2}{width} \to\scratchtoks}%
         {\appendetoks 0cm \namedlayoutparameter{#1}{width} \to\scratchtoks}}}




\dorecurse{25}{\dorecurse{4}{\input tufte }\par}


no guarantees, no kernel stuff either, maybe some fun module


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