[NTG-context] how to place figures next to each other

Peter peter at orgelvlaardingen.nl
Sat Mar 19 12:17:09 CET 2005

Dear list,

How can I place two figures next to each other without using a 
\startcombination ... \stopcombination group?

I now have this, but it is not what I want:

     {Enkele varianten van het groot octaaf}
     {\kortoctaaf}{kort octaaf}
     {\gebrokenoctaaf}{gebroken octaaf}

I want to have the two figures numbered as seperate, independent 
figures, but when using a combination, the whole combination is treated 
as one figure and gets only one number and one label.

X  X      X  X

fig.n      fig.n+1

I've consulted the manuals and searched the list archives, but I have 
not found a solution.

tnx in advance,

Peter van Kranenburg

p.s. I've already sent this message to the list, thursday, but it didn't 
show up in my inbox. So this is another try.

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