[NTG-context] Re: hyphenation not working

Paul Tremblay phthenry at iglou.com
Sat Mar 19 23:41:21 CET 2005

Hi Patrick

On Sat, Mar 19, 2005 at 11:00:57PM +0100, Patrick Gundlach wrote:
> there should be some cont-en.fmt somewhere on your disk. Like
> /usr/local/texmf/web2c/context/cont-en.fmt, but this is just a wild
> guess. So you could copy your newly generated cont-en.fmt over the old
> one.

Okay. I was looking for it in /usr/TeX/texmf directory. It was in


So everything works fine now. I assume that future versions of ConTeXt
will install this file correctly? 



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