[NTG-context] Re: hyphenation not working

Paul Tremblay phthenry at iglou.com
Sat Mar 19 22:39:09 CET 2005

> What happens if you run 
> texexec --make --alone
> and copy the cont-en.fmt (or whatever it is called now) into the
> 'correct' path? Or leave it in the path that your test file is in and
> try the \showhyphenations{hypertextual} again.

Back from my rally. 

And, success! If I leave the cont-en.fmt file in the same directory as
I am running texeec, then I get hypenated text. So the goal is to move
it to my path. But where exactly is my path?

If I do a search for the cont-en.fmt file in texmf, I get:





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