[NTG-context] Re: Palatino? -> bitmap fonts???

Matthias Weber matweber at indiana.edu
Thu Mar 17 22:50:27 CET 2005

I am not even sure where the problem lies, as I am not at all familiar 
with what gets changed for the Mac distribution.
I only noted that with the Mac gwTeX beta for ConTeXT,

i) the font test file with palatino etc doesn't work properly,
ii) replacing the cont-sys.rme in the beta distribution tree with the 
one from pragma
    makes it work,
iii) re-installing the ConTeXt beta via gwTeX breaks it again (so it 
wasn't me unconsciously messing around with the TeX tree)

I am happy to help testing things, but I probably won't be of any use 
when it comes to OS-specific TeXnicalities.


On Mar 17, 2005, at 12:40 PM, Adam Lindsay wrote:

> Seeing this thread, I wonder now if there's any more interest in 
> helping ship a cont-sys.tex and a texexec.ini (before it goes away) 
> that is tuned to gwTeX?
> adam
> On 16 Mar 2005, at 19:08, Matthias Weber wrote:
>> Patrick tracked this down do an  old cont-sys.rme, and my guess is 
>> that it is erroneously being distributed with Gerben Wiebe's TeX 
>> installation
>> (which I use).
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