[NTG-context] Typescript for Times New Toman and Arial

ishamid ishamid at lamar.colostate.edu
Thu Mar 17 18:51:16 CET 2005

Dear consortium,

Below is a working typescript for times new roman and arial (I'm told that on 
mac the equivalent of arial is helvetica, so this may be os-specific;-<)
This combination is required by Springer-Verlag in many of their books.

I have to typeset an article for a Springer volume (their editor could not 
handle my transliteration accents) that will fit in seamlessly with the 
editors' preparation of the rest of the volume. When I am done, I will gladly 
contribute the resulting style so that others who need to prepare something 
for Springer will have something to go on. Maybe this could even be developed 
into a full 
m-spring.tex module.

Anyway, here is the times new roman/arial typescript. Please make 
suggestions/improvements. Also, I'm not sure which math collection works best 
with tnr/arial.


PS. Yes, I did finally get tnr/arial working, though I've hosed my entire 
TeX/ConTeXt system in the process: in other words, victorious but wounded;-)


\starttypescript [serif] [timesnewroman] [name]


\definefontsynonym[Serif]          [TimesNewRoman]
\definefontsynonym[SerifBold]      [TimesNewRoman-Bold]
\definefontsynonym[SerifItalic]    [TimesNewRoman-Italic]


\starttypescript [sans] [arial] [name]


\definefontsynonym[Sans]          [Arial]
\definefontsynonym[SansBold]      [Arial-Bold]
\definefontsynonym[SansItalic]    [Arial-Italic]



\starttypescript [serif] [timesnewroman] [texnansi]

\definefontsynonym [TimesNewRoman]

\definefontsynonym [TimesNewRoman-Bold]

\definefontsynonym [TimesNewRoman-Italic]

\definefontsynonym [TimesNewRoman-BoldItalic]


\starttypescript [sans] [arial] [texnansi]

\definefontsynonym [Arial]

\definefontsynonym [Arial-Bold]

\definefontsynonym [Arial-Italic]

\definefontsynonym [Arial-BoldItalic]


% maps

\starttypescript [map] [timesnewroman] [texnansi]



\starttypescript [map] [arial] [texnansi]



% typefaces

\starttypescript [TimesNR]


\definetypeface [timesnr]
[rm] [serif] [timesnewroman] [default]

\definetypeface [timesnr]
[ss] [sans] [arial] [default]

\definetypeface [timesnr]
[mm] [math] [palatino] [default]

\definetypeface [timesnr]
[tt] [mono] [modern] [default]



Professor Idris Samawi Hamid
Department of Philosophy
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

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