[NTG-context] Color separation

Duncan Hothersall dh at capdm.com
Thu Mar 17 17:58:10 CET 2005

>> 2. is there a way I can check that it is working properly without
>> sending it to the printer each time?
> Acrobat has an overprint preview since v5; AFAIK Reader got it in v7.

Yes... but it doesn't show up any problem. (Well, it just displays the 
same thing with overprint preview as without.) *But* in Acrobat 
Professional 7, doing a preflight check for CMYK+Spot output, it 
complains about overprint = off on all the text on tints. So I guess 
there is a problem in some way? This is why I am confused.

Knowing what ConTeXt incantations *should* make it work would be a 
start, and then I can tell the printer that they have to fix it! :-)


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