[NTG-context] special macro problem again...

Peter Münster pmlists at free.fr
Thu Mar 17 17:45:43 CET 2005

It's a repost.
Does anybody have an idea to solve this problem?
If not, I'm going to buy the TeXbook...

I try to expose the problem a bit clearer:

\def\MyMacro#1{%     This macro is somewhere in an environment file.
  \global\advance\MyVersion by 1
  \bTR \expanded{\bTD \the\MyVersion \eTD} \expanded{\bTD \XXXNumber \eTD}\eTR

\def\MyNumber#1#2#3{% This macro is a special one for the document.


\bTR \bTD Version \eTD \bTD Number \eTD \eTR
\MyMacro{Number=\MyNumber{111}{222}{333}} % error: Incomplete \iffalse

Greetings, Peter


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