Configuring 2 trees [was RE: [NTG-context] Times New Roman]

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Thu Mar 17 16:40:26 CET 2005

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>ishamid wrote:
>> I really wish that updating/upgrading were not always such a pain...
>normally it isn't but currently there are three issues that make it painfull:
>- incompatible changes in the tds (enc/map paths)
>- changes in pdftex (no config, better map support)
>- the transition to latin modern
>- (unnoticed) changes in pattern file names
>- the usual changes in fonts

I played around for quite some time with the texmf.cnf environment variables 
in both \TeXLive and \ConTeXt trees. I noticed that even when I got \TeXLive 
to search \ConTeXt first, upon compiling it still could not find certain files 
(a tds issue?), while I could never get \ConTeXt to search \TeXLive properly.

This was not helped by the fact that my July04 fpTeX comes with a corrupt 
kpathsea.pdf documentation using type3 fonts!

Yesterday was not my day...


Professor Idris Samawi Hamid
Department of Philosophy
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

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