[NTG-context] Conflict ConTeXt & new LM?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Mar 16 18:21:56 CET 2005

Gerben Wierda wrote:

> So, the conclusion is that I canot use/redistribute the new LM? And

you can because my guess is that not so many people use them yet

also, the lm fonts now come with open type variants, which is good for the mac 
(since xetex needs them and user should test that); keep in mind that the mac 
users normally are the most advanced/demanding font users, so in a way gwtex is 
providing a testbed

> another conclusion is that stuff like LaTeX lmodern.sty and ConTeXt need
> to be updated in sync with the new lmodern?

i'll upload a new beta so that you can ship in sync; i'll also try to keep my 
cont-lmt.zip up to date with the latest lm updates (the originals don't come in 
a texmf structure)

another font we need to keep an eye on is the antikwa torunska; both lm and at 
are very complete fonts and for instance include vietnamese glyphs as well

because context users play a lot with fonts, errors show up early, which is good 
(the only way to debug new fonts like lm is to use them -)

another issue with lm is that when remapping cmr to lm one needs different map 
files for dvips (internal lm names) and pdftex (original cm names); else pdf 
inclusion of old files becomes unefficient (i found out a few days before 
eurotex -); i'm discussing these issues with the lm team

i'll upload a new beta in a few minutes


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