[NTG-context] Re: Learning ConTeXt, typical hurdle

Willi Egger willi at boede.nl
Thu Mar 10 18:52:05 CET 2005

Hi Gerben,

Due to a mistaken handling you roriginal mail I lost it :-(

In that mail in the last part, I believe it was an example \component I 
saw, that you said \starttext ... \stoptext. You do not need this pair, 
The handling of starting and stopping is done by the \startproject ... 
\stopproject commands.

In the product section I saw that you did not use the \startbodymatter 
... \stopobodymatter. I think this is important, because in the 
frontmatter sectionheading handling is different, as is in the backmatter.

here you go with an example I prepared:

\startproject HBBbrev

\environment layout

\product voorpag        %Titlepage for the book
\product beginmat       %Frontmatter: Woord vooraf, Koppermaandag,
\environment lo-3

\product gekart      %Gekartonneerd in drie varianten
\product bdz-rech    %Bandzetter rechte rug
\product technik     %Werkwijzen en technieken
\product appendix    %Appendices:


\product backmat     %Backmatter: Impressum


In my case many of the product-files contain a number of \components.

I do hope, that this helps.

Kind regards Willi

Patrick Gundlach wrote:
> Hey Gerben,
>>Now what turns out to solve this? Empty lines before \description and
> Things that were defined using \definedescription rely on \par as a
> delimiter.
>>Though I like ConTeXt if I look at certain design aspects, behaviour that
>>depends on whitespace before a command frightens me.
> Just the way it works :-) Nothing to worry about.
> Patrick

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