[NTG-context] Initial Font Installation Question (Mac)

David Wooten david.wooten at mac.com
Sat Mar 12 00:40:14 CET 2005

Greetings ConTeXters

I'm back to ask another question:
After an initial successful installation of the purchased fonts, I've 
come to find that there is a serious quirk. That is, when I try to use 
any special glyph, be it an accented character of any kind, or e.g. an 
eth. The result of something like \"a (or \"{a}) is _a_ without the 
diacritic. Curiously (to me, at least:), if I enter the actual glyph: 
ä, it gives me the character I need…but only for a few runs! After 
adding a couple more of such "alternative" glyphs, it starts to show 
gibberish. Some trials evince an ff-ligature as the diacritic. Errors 
in the mapping/virtual font/…?

Again I hope to save myself some time by asking to be pointed in the 
right direction, as my initial searches haven't really helped.

Kind Regards,
David Wooten

On Feb 21, 2005, at 1:17 AM, Adam Lindsay wrote:

> Thomas A.Schmitz said this at Mon, 21 Feb 2005 10:01:50 +0100:
>> Just a quick reply:
>> having the afm is already very good. The file without an extension
>> looks suspiciously like a Mac font resource. Can you try running the
>> utility "fondu" on it (from the command line)? That will usually
>> produce the pfbs (very likely, there's more than one: roman, italics,
>> bold ...). Texfont, btw, can equally well work with truetype fonts, so
>> if you have a proper tryetype font with extension .ttf. you might as
>> well use this. texfont will produce a map entry that you will have to
>> modify a bit (so it points to a .ttf instead of the default .pfb), but
>> that's not too difficult. As to names: don't bother, ConTeXt is happy
>> with whatever name you throw at it.
> Only a couple things to add:
> When fondu generates the .pfb file, copy the .afm to share the new
> (probably longer) filename.
> Texfont on MacOSX trips on capital letter extensions: make sure they're
> uniformly lower case.
> If fondu fails you (it hasn't failed me yet), there's also t1unmac 
> (lcdf.org).
> And if texfont installation fails or inexplicably stalls, you might 
> need
> to go in and truncate long (255+ character) lines by manually editing 
> the
> text file. I've always found these to be comment/copyright lines, so
> you're not hurting anything by doing so.
> You lucky so-and-so for getting Andulka!
> adam

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