[NTG-context] Quote before chapter?

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Fri Mar 11 10:30:45 CET 2005

On 10 Mar 2005, at 18:34, Janko Hauser wrote:

> Gerben Wierda schrieb:
>> I would like to have a right-aligned quote before the chapter header. 
>> I
>> use the following snippet in my environment file:
>> ==================================
>> \newcommand{\chquote}[1]{\startalignment%
>>         \startnarrower[4*left] {#1} \stopnarrower\stopalignment}
>> ==================================
>> But if I use that *before* the \chapter command it is *followed* and 
>> not
>> *preceded* by a page break.
>> So my question is: how do I program this in ConTeXt?
> Not a ConTeXt expert myself I can only give a hint how I would try it.
> You can define your own chapter, in the definition there are parameters
> for before and after. Perhaps it is possible to give the chapter an
> additional argument.
> Or you can define, that chapters do not do a pagebreak and handle the
> pagebreak in your function.

Those are of course all fine generic strategies which had come to my 
mind. My question is more of a technical nature. After reading the docs 
on these commands I do not how.

I can make it more difficult even. I would like a chapter to start on 
an odd (right side) page but when there is a quote that comes with the 
chapter I want to have that appear on the opposing side.


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