[NTG-context] fundamental problem with headings

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Fri Mar 11 00:17:59 CET 2005

Steffen Wolfrum said this at Thu, 10 Mar 2005 23:11:41 +0100:

>But if the heading should be set in general in a bold face what do I 
>use instead of \rm so that italic parts of he heading will be typeset 
>in bold-italic (and \sc parts to bold-smallcaps)?
>I guess something (next to serif, sans, mono, ...) like serifbold 
>(\brm?) should be defined in my typescript?

I'm a bit confused why you're not using \em in this situation, as it
adapts to both bold and roman contexts. If you dislike that it defaults
to slanted, then there's:

{\bf Hello \em World} Hello \em World

But if you want to follow the path of defining your own, adaptive
switches, then you could look at these goodies already defined in font-ini:

%D \macros
%D   {emphbf,emphit,emphsl,emphtf}
%D The next emphasis alternatives are for \THANH. They adapt
%D their style as good as possible.


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