[NTG-context] cutspace and backspace

Paul Tremblay phthenry at iglou.com
Thu Mar 10 23:22:55 CET 2005

What does cutspace actually do? 

I have the following layout:

 cutspace=20mm, % the space on the right hand side of the page
 leftmargin=35mm, % the space for margin notes
 backspace=50mm,  % the space in the left hand side of the page 
 rightmargin=25mm, % the space for right margin notes

I thought that cutspace would create a non-writeable area on the right
hand side of a page. But the above layout uses the backspace value of
50mm and seems to ignore the cutspace value.

It also seems that I was wrong about the fucntion of backspace.
Backspace is actually the area from the edge of the page to the body
text. So it equals the the margin area plus the edge of the page.




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