[NTG-context] csr fonts in last ConTeXt

Michal Kvasnička quasar at econ.muni.cz
Fri Mar 4 15:18:34 CET 2005

Good evening.

A couple of days ago I have reinstalled my computer and installed the 
newest ConTeXt as well (TeXExec 5.2.4, ConTeXt  ver: 2005.01.31). I 
found that it could work under SuSE Linux 9.2 -- teTeX distribution. But 
I also found that there is a change with csr fonts -- it is (at least in 
the Czech interface) substituted with cmr fonts. What's the reason? How 
could I change it againt to csr? (cmr fonts don't have accented letters.)

Many thanks for your help.
Your sincerely
Michal Kvasnicka

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