[NTG-context] Fixed spaces & overfullrule

Mats Broberg mats.broberg at chello.se
Wed Mar 2 20:13:56 CET 2005

Dear listmembers,

I have two questions tonight:

1: Is it possible to define and then use different kind of fixed and
non-breaking spaces in ConTeXt? For something I am working with I need
1/8th of an em, 1/4th of an em, and 1/3rd of an em - but would ideally
want to be able to define any kind of fraction of an em.

2: Is it possible to have the overfull rules printed out in the margins?
That way one can flip through the pages fast and instantly get an idea
of the quality of the typesetting.

Best regards,
Mats Broberg

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