[NTG-context] small caps

Thomas A.Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Wed Mar 2 11:33:11 CET 2005

On Mar 2, 2005, at 10:59 AM, Adam Lindsay wrote:

> Hold on one minute... we're talking about encodings for alternate 
> glyphs,
> right? That's orthogonal to what Unicode is about. 'a' and 'Asmall'
> pretty much take up the same unicode "slot". Only 'a' appears in the
> .cmap.xml file.
No, of course you're right. I thought that they were given a value in 
the FFxx range, but that's not right; they don't appear in the cmap, 
only in the afm. So the only thing I can think of: there are only so 
many ways to refer to small caps, Xsmall or X.small or X_small or even 
X-small. We could provide alternatives for that in perl, making 
additions as we go. It's a brute-force attack, kind of aiming with a 
machine gun, but since fonts are such moving targets...

> Now that would be a useful thing, regardless. I don't know, but I'll 
> have
> a look. I suspect we'll have to create one ourselves. An idle thought
> (with the corresponding devilishness) occurs to me: all that 
> information
> is in ConTeXt already. Hmm...
> What form would be the best? Some simple XML? A perl-friendly list?

For the time being, I'm thinking of a very simple list that could just 
serve as a pattern for arranging the lines I get from processing the 
cmap.xml. I'm just thinking, not writing code yet...



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