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Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Wed Mar 2 10:59:14 CET 2005

Thomas A.Schmitz said this at Wed, 2 Mar 2005 07:18:29 +0100:

>However, your post made me think: I know nothing about XSLT, but enough 
>perl to shoot myself in the foot. I guess if I had a version of 
>texnansi.enc with the unicode values in addition to the names, that 
>would be a good starting point. I was thinking of  this route:
>1. use ftxdumperfuser to produce cmap.xml,
>2. use perl to reduce it to two values: glyphName % UNICODE_VALUE
>3. use perl to extract the lines corresponding to a given encoding and 
>put them in the right order.

Hold on one minute... we're talking about encodings for alternate glyphs,
right? That's orthogonal to what Unicode is about. 'a' and 'Asmall'
pretty much take up the same unicode "slot". Only 'a' appears in the
.cmap.xml file.

However, a perl-based solution would be very handy, especially as new
free fonts like FPL-Neu (Palatino clone) include OSF and SC glyphs. 

The closest I got with perl was some experiments following some rough
heuristics appending "small" to glyph names from an afm file. I got a bit
discouraged, however, and didn't take it further at the time. So I
clapped my hands and giggled girlishly when XeTeX came out and gave me
easy access to the particular AAT fonts I was trying to get to work.

>Sounds feasible? Do you know where I could get such a unicode-aware 
>version of texnansi.enc?

Now that would be a useful thing, regardless. I don't know, but I'll have
a look. I suspect we'll have to create one ourselves. An idle thought
(with the corresponding devilishness) occurs to me: all that information
is in ConTeXt already. Hmm...

What form would be the best? Some simple XML? A perl-friendly list?
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