[NTG-context] lack of hyphenation

Mats Broberg mats.broberg at chello.se
Mon Feb 28 20:54:07 CET 2005

Dear listmembers,

I would say that the risk of getting rivers in text typeset using TeX &
children is minimum, as long as you choose sensible values for typesize
and column width. And much, much less than in MS Word, InDesign,
QuarkXPress etc.

Btw, here are a few 'Typographical Dreams' of mine, regarding ConTeXt:

- Penalty if consecutive lines have the same words typeset exactly above
each other - e.g. in the beginning of a line, in the middle of the line
etc. Catches your eye.

- Penalty for a hyphenated word as the last word on a page. And not
putting it in an \mbox.

- In Swedish, if the last line in a column is the first line in a new
paragraph, this last line is called "simple child of a whore". If the
first line on a new page is the last line of the preceding page's last
paragraph, this line is called "double child of a whore". Now, in
InDesign and QuarkXPress you can set the software to move over the
"simple child of a whore" to the next page, and, for "double child of a
whore", to move over a few extra lines to the new page. However, this
leaves you with a page that is one or more lines short. When working in
these software, you can then slightly, slightly increase the spacing
between letters on the page (perhaps only a few thousands of an em). If
you are lucky, one of the preceding paragraph expands just enough for
its last line move over to a second line, and you're home free. However,
for book projects hundreds of pages long, this is something you'd want
to automate. Don't know if it is possible in ConTeXt to automate this,
but it would be great if it was.

Best regards,
Mats Broberg

> Ciro A. Soto wrote:
> > The knowlegeable John Culleton said in one of the
> > lists that he could recognize if a book was typeset
> > with
> > MS-word by looking at the "rivers" and the lack of
> but tex is *not* avoiding rivers, since it does not look at it -)

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