[NTG-context] Additional steps taken since the first e-mail

Johannes Werner jowe3659 at tiscali.de
Sun Feb 27 22:21:14 CET 2005

VnPenguin wrote:

>On Sun, 27 Feb 2005 01:34:00 +0100, Johannes Werner <jowe3659 at tiscali.de> wrote:
>>i struggled more than one day with installation of context. i'm using a
>>different OS (redhat linux) and have a different tex-distribution on it
>>(tetex), but maybe this hint is useful for you too:
>>in the tetex-distro there is a file .../texmf/web2c/fmtutil.cnf . in
>>this file the lines for context were commented by default - you have to
>>uncomment them and run "fmtutil --missing" afterwards (or "fmtutil
>>-all", if you have more time). maybe in miktex there's somthing
>>similiar. at my first try i forget to run fmtutil, edited texexec.ini
>>and run "texexec --make" which worked. but afterwards context had some
>>"special features".
>Which version of teTeX ? with "Redhat linux" I imagine that's very
>out-of-date tex system, right ?
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yepp, what came with redhat 9 is tetex 1.x.x, thatswhy i upgraded to 
2.0.2 . now version 3 is out as an rpm package and i will upgrade again.

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