[NTG-context] Additional steps taken since the first e-mail

h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Feb 27 16:11:40 CET 2005

Johannes Werner wrote:
> newinstaller,
> i struggled more than one day with installation of context. i'm using a 
> different OS (redhat linux) and have a different tex-distribution on it 
> (tetex), but maybe this hint is useful for you too:
> in the tetex-distro there is a file .../texmf/web2c/fmtutil.cnf . in 
> this file the lines for context were commented by default - you have to 
> uncomment them and run "fmtutil --missing" afterwards (or "fmtutil 
> -all", if you have more time). maybe in miktex there's somthing 
> similiar. at my first try i forget to run fmtutil, edited texexec.ini 
> and run "texexec --make" which worked. but afterwards context had some 
> "special features".

texexec --make --alone

will not use fmtutil

(since fmtutil does not support the engine model of tds the latest versions of 
texexec no longer call fmtutil, so if you want to use fmtutil instead you need 
to uncomment those line)


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