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Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec at guest.arnes.si
Fri Feb 25 04:09:45 CET 2005

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Hi,
> Attached is an xml file that describes the hyphenation pattern files. 
> I'd appreciate checking (some records are incomplete). I'd also like to 
> add (for each language) a couple of tricky hyphenatable words [for 
> testing]. Preferable in utf-8 encoding. There is room for more comments 
> as well, like: prefered input and font encodings etc.
> Hans

Leon "Zlajpah should probably be changed to Leon \v{Z}lajpah (or Žlajpah
if in Unicode) (I suppose the information by itself is correct.)

(There's a comment "Use of code page 852 in patterns", which probably 
remained from the "old good DOS times".)

Default encoding? 98% use cp1250, some Linux people use latin2. (well, 
maybe there are still freaks somewhere on this planet using cp852 :)
UTF 8 should be(come) standard, but it is coming pretty slowly.
But writing UTF8 as the default encoding in ConTeXt should be OK.

How can I try it (hyphenation)? I did

\showhyphens{mojca pokrajculja}

It should be že-le-zni-čar (ze-le-zni-car) and moj-ca po-kraj-cu-lja (in 
latex "mojca" is hyphenated wrong anyway), but in ConTeXt the first two 
don't get hyphenated at all and the second one becomes mo-j-ca 
pokra-jcul-ja. I guess the Slovenian patterns are not loaded at all.

One more question about language specific issues: we always write
	1. first section
	2. second section
	2.1. subsection
	2.2. some other subsection
	2.2.1. some subsubsection
(with a dot before the space after every (sub)section). What is the best 
place to store the default settings to? (For all the other Slovenian 
users as well.)

Thank you,

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