[NTG-context] Initial Font Installation Question (Mac)

David Wooten david.wooten at mac.com
Mon Feb 21 01:58:50 CET 2005

Greetings all,

I've been having a lot of fun struggling with the installation of a 
newly purchased font, and wanted to double check a preliminary question 
before I give in and ask a more thorough question ;)

I'm working with Mac OS X, so I bought a font-set with both Mac TTF and 
Postscript files. The Postscript folders have 2 types of file for each 
fontname: .afm and another without a suffix. The names also have 
uppercase letters, such as AndulBooBol (a.k.a. Andulka Book Bold).

For the texfont script, it apparently needs the .afm files and .pfb 
files. Thus:

1) Are these non-suffixed files the .pfb files in question? If so, 
should I rename (add .pfb to) them before trying to install them? (I 
could convert the TTF files to .pfb?)

2) Should I take away the UpperCaseLettering as well? Rename them to 
something more Berry-like?

In fact, I've tried these things with no success, but before I spell 
out the details of my failure I thought I would get this straight.

Kind regards,
David Wooten

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