[NTG-context] Widows, flush bottom, and word breaks

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Sun Feb 13 00:25:30 CET 2005

Peter Münster said this at Sat, 12 Feb 2005 22:08:27 +0100:

>> \setupinterlinespace[stretch=0.08]  % experimentation needed!
>I'm also very interested in these kinds of problems (and solutions ;).

I'm curious because it's the flip side of the grid typesetting I was
learning about earlier this week. I have no special insights, here...

>It seems to me, that with this parameter, interline-spaces can get smaller
>but not bigger.

I think it allows it to become bigger by the same factor.

>(I've just tried the example on http://contextgarden.net/Flush_bottom)
>Could you explain this parameter a bit further?

um, no? :)
I just stumbled across it in core-spa, and empirically determined that it
would give a bit of variability to the interline spacing, which is what
the original poster asked for.

I *think* it's a multiple of \openlineheight by which the interline space
can vary +/-. So the factor cited above seems like it can cause a
variance of up to 16% in line spacing. (And I can imagine Hans is biting
his tongue on this because this big variance can cause a huge difference
in the colour of the text block. :)

>> \setuptolerance[vertical,verystrict]
>I know the meaning of strict and tolerant in horizontal context, but what
>does it mean in vertical context? I didn't see any difference between
>\setuptolerance[vertical,verystrict] and

I've always been hazy on the distinction myself.

>Thanks in advance for further comments! We can put it on the wiki then.

Anyway, addressing the original poster's requirements, allowing *no*
stretch in the inter-paragraph spacing (whitespace) makes it hard for the
interline space to handle the whole job of reaching the text block on its
own. I'd suggest looking at the definition of \defineblank and how small/
medium/big are defined in order to get a better balance. In the following
example (modified from the wiki), the spacing adjustment is a lot less
strained if I do \setupwhitespace[big] instead of 12pt.

\widowpenalty 0

\input ward \par\input knuth \par\input zapf
\input tufte \par\input zapf \par\input tufte \input knuth
\input hawking \par\input bryson \par\input tufte
\input knuth \input knuth \par\input knuth \input ward

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