[NTG-context] Thumb indexes

cormullion cormullion at mac.com
Sun Feb 13 00:12:03 CET 2005

Henning Hraban Ramm <hraban at fiee.net> said on 2005-02-12, 21:19 (+0100 GMT):

> Perhaps describe a bit more exactly what you'd like to achieve.
> As far as I understood: You want a black rectangle at the margin
> that has no text in it, always same size, but moving position per 
> chapter?

Yes. More precisely, chapter 1 - 5 would have a black box in the margin at the top right of each right page, then chapters 6 to whatever have the next box below, and so on. I usually do this ‘manually’ in a DTP app (by defining a set of master pages and applying them selectively to a group of ‘chapters’) but ConTeXt is clearly capable of doing it automatically. And I bet ConTeXt could also be persuaded to place white text on the box as well...

I’ve read through the MetaFun manual. It’s amazing technology, but a bit too advanced for me at present.

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