[NTG-context] PDF bounding box problem?

Martin Kolařík martin at mii.cz
Thu Feb 10 10:29:52 CET 2005

Hi all,

I have problem with paragraph background in columnset environment:




Using the background in left column (as the text flows) causes shifting
whole column down }(including both text and properly placed background).

Sorry, I have no minimal example now, as the source is XML. But the mapping
macros lead into the code described above.

Are there some problems with backs in columnsets?

Thank you,


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cormullion wrote:
> Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl> said on 2005-02-09, 18:20 (+0100 GMT):
>>>To my untutored eye it looks like the MediaBox is being
>>>used - at least, the graphic takes up  an area about
>>>Letter size.  Is there  some setting I’ve missed that
>>>lets me get the bounds of the graphics rather than the
> Great! I didn’t spot the artbox option...

it's a rather new option, because pdftex only supports it in later versions


ps. be aware of the fact that sometimes those boxes are wrong; has to do
illustrator defaults and such (there is a technote on that on our site)


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