[NTG-context] Fonts in ConTeXt!

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Feb 9 09:53:41 CET 2005

G.C.H.M. Verhaag wrote:

> I'm afraid that I don't understand this! I'm not using Debian TeX, but 
> installed TeXLive Ed.9 (2003) on my Debian (3.0r) based Linux box.
> Am I right in saying that an installation of ConTeXt from TeXLive is 
> incomplete? Do I really have to fetch the latest ConTeXt from PRAGMA ADE 
> to get those fonts working? Do I perhaps have to configure ConTeXt more 
> before being able to use those fonts?

normally that should work, however

- sometimes linxu distributions have preinstalled tex's or have the profiles 
adapted for tex installations, and that may clash

- there have been some fundamental non compatible changed in the tex tree and 
extensions to pdftex so it's best not to mix old and new, i.e. best to update to 
the latest greatest

> Well fetching large files from Internet is very time consuming when 
> using a simple modem, which I do, with an average speed of around 
> 4Kbytes/sec! So this isn't really an option.

actually, when you would install the minumal tree, you could use rsync to 
synchronize the differences and that is pretty fast

> Isn't it possible to create the missing tfm files, which ConTeXt uses, 
> from the fonts already present in /usr/TeX/texmf/fonts?
> What if I install TeXLive 2004?

that should work ok; there is a special context tree on the dvd as well, with 
all documentation and such so that saves you some bandwidth


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