[NTG-context] Setting up layout - basic questions

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Tue Feb 8 12:47:46 CET 2005

Vit Zyka said this at Tue, 8 Feb 2005 09:31:46 +0100:

>> Also, is it generally possible to make all the headings start at the
>>left margin, with everything else (eg paragraphs, lists, etc) indented? Eg:
>something like
>   [chapter]
>   [alternative=inmargin]

Actually, I think I know what cormullion is after: this is almost
precisely the layout I used when setting my Masters thesis in Framemaker
(9 years ago, sigh). I remember it fondly because it first got me
interested in structured typesetting...

This is my interpretation. It uses some undocumented stuff, and a lot of
this is new to me:

% First we set up some `virtual' dimensions.
\newdimen\HeadOutdent        % distance from Heading to text body
\newdimen\HeadBackspace      % inner margin, including head
\newdimen\HeadCutspace       % outer margin, including head
\definelayout[fm]  [backspace=\dimexpr(\HeadBackspace+\HeadOutdent),
% Hans: this was made a bit tougher because horoffset wasn't respected in the 
% even layout... why?
\setuphead[section]   [margin=-\HeadOutdent,
                      %different sections could be outdented differently, etc.
\setuppagenumbering[alternative=doublesided] % hmmm...
\section{Hi there}
\subsection{Ho there}
\input knuth \page
\subsection{Hey there}
\subsubsection{Ha there}
\input knuth 

>> Chapter X
>>                Paragraph
>> Section X
>>                Paragraph
>> Subsection y
>>                Paragraph
>> Thanks for any pointers. I’m more of a FrameMaker user up to now, so I
>>may not yet be thinking the ConTeXt way. :-)

It's not too tough a transition, so long as you're not afraid of a little
(Welcome to the ConTeXt list... I noticed your posts to the MacTeX list
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