[NTG-context] RE: \defaultinterface for cont-cz

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Feb 8 12:12:54 CET 2005

Martin Kolařík wrote:

> I'm using english interface in cont-cz too... But, maybe, it could be useful
> to determine interface in the highest level -- during making the format
> like:
> texexec --make cz --commands en
> I know --interface cz cannot be used as --interface is used to select
> ConTeXt format (to rewrite texexec defaults).
> What about this?

it was possible to say something

texexec --make --lang=en,cz --font=csr etc etc

to get an english format with czech fonts

however, the new version will have latin modern in ec format preloaded, so then

   texexec --make --all

will do (i may even consider loading all patterns always by default)

and in your document:

\mainlanguage[cz] % optionally \enableregime[il2]

and there is no need for special formats


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