[NTG-context] ConTeXt and TeX output Macro

Tom Browder tbrowder at cox.net
Thu Feb 3 12:27:25 CET 2005

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> It also depends on what you want to do.  There are quite some 
> hooks into the otr
>   already, so what do you hav ein mind?

Thanks for the reply, Hans.

Here is my situation:

Every part of my document has to have a security classification (U, C, or S,
the highest).  The highest classification of a part on a page determines
what goes in the page header and footer.  If a paragraph splits so part is
on the next page, its classification needs to be considered in the
header/footer determination for the next page.

So I need to know if:

1.  There is a fragment of a previous marked section at the top of a page.
If so, what is its classification (this may be done with the counters
described below).

2.  Determine the highest classification on the page.

3.  Produce the heading/footer accordingly.

My idea (from secret.sty) is to define a marking command for each part which
will modify one of a set of four (or six depending on how (1) is
implemented) counters depending on the mark's value (classification).

The output command will determine the approriate header/footer from
inspecting the counters, then reset the counters for the next page.

ANother quesion, if ConTeXt can do this, should I install the whole package
or just the minimal one (I run teTeX under Fedora Linux).


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